Monday, September 10, 2012

Help my friends win a Cruise

My dear friends are about to win the dream of their lives. Ms Barbara Vaughn is 89 and has Alzheimers, her daughter Missy is 58 and has MS and has been Ms Barbara's care taker. Barbara entered this contest so she and Missy could take this cruise while Missy can still remember it. Her life long desire has been just to see the ocean and put her toes in the sane, Well today they've gotten to #1 We only need to keep them there for 4 more days and they've won. We hear that numbers 1-4 are neck and neck. All we can do is pray and ask you to vote and ask your friends to vote. Will You? Here is our video plea for you to vote:

Vote Please Vote for our dear friends from Switching Granny on Vimeo.

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